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Moving forward, more emphasis and resources are going to be channelled in the direction of expanding the range of products available from AgriHit™.
If you are interested in any of the company’s current products, or would like to discover what areas of research and development are being focussed on, please contact us.

AgriHit™, Gens Nano™ & SolarStucco™ are brands which have been developed and created by Green Earth Nano Science Inc., (GENS) a Canadian environmental technology company. The company motto is “Green Technologies for Sustainable Future”.

Green Earth Nano Sience Inc. was established in 2007 and since has concentrated on the innovative aspects of environmentally friendly, but highly effective products. Since its inception it began to work on a number of specific technologies, one centered on nano photocatalysts and the anti-bacterial properties of light-activated titanium dioxide. The other aspect has been the effects of Super Hydrophilicity and the formulation of an self-cleaning external surface coating for buildings and structures that keeps the surfaces in a very clean look and reduce the cleaning & maintenance costs.

With the creation of the AgriHit™ brand in 2010 this arm of the company has chosen to work closely with researchers, scientists, and technology companies to push the boundaries of environmentally-friendly products and wholly natural bio products to be used in the field of agriculture, hospitality and industrial applications.

The combination of the creation of totally non-toxic anti-bacterial sanitizers and disinfectants that are ideal for using in environments where livestock and poultry are involved, together with scientific research into increasing crop productivity using only natural ingredients is allowing AgriHit™ to become a highly respected player in the agricultural research and development industry.