Organic Disinfectant & Deodorizer

Effective against germs, bacteria, mould & fungus

AgriHit™ Organic Disinfectant is a broad spectrum natural anti bacteria sanitiser that can be used in a wide range of industries including food processing, pharmaceutical, water treatment, catering, medical, agriculture, livestock and many other applications.
When used for sanitizing benches, equipment etc, this powerful agent destroys any bacteria that is present while leaving a food safe, non toxic residue that keeps bacteria from multiplying.



AgriHit™ Organic Disinfectant uses

Safe to use for all sanitation and hygiene requirements including the disinfection and cleaning of:


AgriHit™ Organic Disinfectant features

AgriHit™ Organic Disinfectant is a unique product owing to its natural, physiochemical, and non-toxic action and residual characteristics. AgriHit™ Organic Disinfectant, contrary to the properties of most traditional disinfectants has the following unique features:


AgriHit is 100% Natural. All ingredients are USA FDA GRAS listed and Certified with NASAA as an input for organic production/processing

AgriHit is perfectly safe to use around or on food. For example, it is extensively used to wash apples and pears prior to packing in.

How it works:
AgriHit is a non toxic organic replacement for chlorine. It does not poison the organism but acts mechanistically by destroying the cellular membrane of a micro-organism (cell wall intrusion). The efficacy of AgriHit is due to the unique blend of bioflavonoids and organic acids included in the formulation. All ingredients are carried in a food safe naturally derived glycerine solvent which makes the active ingredients infinitely soluble in water.

AgriHit is not toxic to humans, plants or animals. Unlike many sanitisers, AgriHit is not washed from the surface it has sanitised. It is left on the surface and continues to sanitise until the bacteria/pathogen loading exceeds the volume of AgriHit present. Other sanitisers and disinfectants must be washed away after use. This means they kill the bacteria, sterilise the surface and are washed away, leaving the surface ready for the next bacteria to arrive.

It is food contact safe and non-hazardous if it enters waterways.