Natural Bio Cleaner

Bio based, biodegradable, made from plant extracts

Where our natural AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner can be used?

AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner is recommended for veterinarian, zoological, and general farm usage, including places associated with keeping and maintaining livestock. Owing to its antimicrobial, anti fungicidal and antibacterial capabilities, it also functions as a highly efficient non-toxic cleaner. It is effective in the treatment of diseases and injuries, and is ideal for general cleaning up of stables, pens, machinery, equipment, and vehicles.

AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner’s special wash/treatment for animals is bio-based, non-hazardous and totally non-toxic. It does not contain ingredients harmful to humans and animal. It is made from extracts of grains, corn, potatoes soybeans and palm oil. When applied to skin, it provides immediate relief from mosquito bites, gnats, no-see-ums, fleas and ticks. It also controls and eliminates bacterial and fungal infections, and accelerates the healing process.


Since several years horse owners, handlers, breeders and vets have reported that AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner has been successful in the treatment of:


One of the reasons for AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner’s popularity lies in its ease of application. AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner is also perfect for washing or cleaning of Tractors, Trailers, 4-Wheelers, Trucks, Cars, Stables, Barns, Pails, Containers, Horse Urine, Bedding, Fly Mask, Fly Sheets, Saddle Pads, Saddle Blankets, Grooming Brushes, Riding Pads, and Horse Blankets.

Marine & Oil Industry

Environmental damages occurring due to massive oil spills, including noxious wastes can be brought into control by AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner. Its capacity to consume hydrocarbons can help in detoxifying the environment since it can also act as a dispersal agent, and emulsify the hydrocarbons into exceptionally tiny nano-emulsions, which can render volatile hydrocarbons as non-flammable and stimulate the bioremediation of hydrocarbons by increasing their end chain exposure. The bio cleaner offers a unique, versatile, and environmentally friendly technology for use in fuel and oil spill clean up, firefighting, fuel and oil remediation, vapor suppression and general cleaning and degreasing applications. The cleaner can be applied using any type of equipment; including fire hoses and hand pumps.

Janitorial & Sanitation

AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner offers a wide array of formulations suitable for various types of uses within the janitorial and sanitation market. Originally produced as a general heavy duty cleaner, the cleaner is a non-toxic, non-hazardous biodegradable replacement for the conventional and potentially dangerous petrochemical based cleaning agents sold today. Its unique ability to cut through and emulsify hydrocarbons (wax, oil, grease, fat) and remove stains, makes AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner an indispensable one-stop cleaner for schools, office buildings, government facilities and factories to restaurants and hotels. Its antimicrobial properties also make it an excellent disinfectant and sanitiser for hospitals and food processing plants.

The following is a partial listing where AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner can be used to replace hydrocarbon-based chemicals:



The manufacturing sector provides a vast array of potential applications for AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner’s heavy-duty colloidal cleaning power. The cleaners is designed to replace traditional petrochemical-based toxic products, which pose a definite threat to people and the environment. AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner brings with it the triple threat capability of being able to do the job quicker, better and far cheaper. It offers the manufacturing sector a powerful and highly economical cleaner/degreaser/emulsifier that can expeditiously facilitate various aspects of the manufacturing process. AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner not only equals chemical cleaners in terms of effectiveness, but also disinfects and sanitizes. It can replace the conventional need of multiple cleaning products.

Versatility – Multiple Uses

The uses in industry for AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner’s heavy-duty colloidal cleaner/degreaser are almost endless. Here is just a brief sampling:

1. Metal Processing
Phosphating, plating, pickling, machining and forming – where it is used for cleaning and lubricating shop equipment.

2. Processing Cleaning
Pressure washing and steam cleaning – where it is extremely effective in cleaning parts, washers and solvent tanks. It also can remove hydrocarbon residues and dirt from building exteriors and parking structures.

3. Waste Water Treatment
Oil separator, heavy metal separation and reduction of BOD, turbidity, odor.

4. Dust Palliative
Mining, construction, road maintenance, parking lots

5. Mold Elimination
Aviation, marine, rail, trucking, and automotive. AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner’s industrial cleaning line is ideal for passenger compartments, cargo holds and facilities, maintenance on large-scale cruise ships, ocean liners or cargo vessels and exterior and interior clean up of airplanes.

6. Miscellaneous applications
Vehicle Wash, Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo, Engine Degreasing, Rubber & Vinyl Cleaner, Wheel Cleaner, Glass / Mirror Cleaner, Vinyl Top Cleaner, Mechanics Hand Cleaner, Odor Eliminator, Safety Solvent, Parts Washer Solution, Evaporative Brake & Electrical Cleaner, Aluminum Wheel Cleaner, Holding Tank Cleaner, Graffiti Remover.

7. Other Uses


The above is but a brief overview of some of the innumerable industrial applications for AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner. With the capability of replacing any of the petrochemical or other toxic cleaners on the market today, AgriHit™ Bio Cleaner offers industry an effective and environmentally friendly solution to all their cleaning problems at highly competitive pricing.